Please access the Information Order Form, . Fill in the form, make sure you have correctly typed your e-mail address, as this is the way to receive all the requested information. If you do not receive the requested information, please check your spam and junk folders.

Yes, there may be many licenses required to start a new distillery depending on where you are located. Therefore, before purchasing your equipment, please check the necessary licenses with the competent authorities.

We offer a 2-year limited warranty for all equipment. This warranty does not apply whenever the anomaly results from the improper use of the products. respective guarantee. We are always available by phone or email for technical support.

One of the first things we need to know is how much product you want to get in the first year, in three years and in five years. We want to properly size the equipment you need so you don't have to buy more equipment later. We also need to know what products you would like to make and how often you want to use the equipment.

We are specialists in the design and manufacture of equipment, offering general guidelines on the operation and assembly of the equipment. However, we advise you to consult a specialist who will be able to give you more precise and specific information for the product you plan to distill.

Given the ease of assembly and customer support by phone or email, we do not provide the assembly service, however, if the customer wishes and upon a quote, we can proceed with the assembly of the equipment.

Não, não financiamos nenhuma compra.

For small systems we ask 30% for order confirmation, 60% on production progress and 10% before shipping. For larger systems the conditions will be agreed.

We do not allow public visits to the interior of the production, however you can visit our exhibition room. If you are interested in purchasing equipment, you are more than welcome to call or email us for a consultation and discuss your needs. Please let us know in advance and if possible provide a list of the times that are best for you.

Copper provides an essential chemical reaction, especially in lower proofs, which removes sulfides while the alcohol is in vapor form.

Stills are usually made of copper. Copper is the metal with the highest thermal conductivity, has excellent resistance to acids and positively affects the quality of distillates. Laboratory tests on stills made from stainless steel and information obtained from other distillers on the use of stainless steel stills indicate that the products distilled in these equipment have a gaseous or sulphide odor. Copper has the ability to react with many sulfide compounds, which are normally present in the material to be distilled, thus producing cleaner, more aromatic distillates.

In all our articles we only use 99.9% copper, the solders used vary between silver, copper and tin, being 100% lead free.

We are manufacturers, so in addition to the highest quality products we will certainly have excellent prices for you.

We can make your custom items.

More than 40 years of experience at your service.

Yes, just send us an email to indicando e descrevendo o produto que procura e nós enviaremos uma resposta.

Our company makes its shipments to any part of the world, we will always try to find a suitable means of transport for your goods to reach you.

Payment of the VAT fee is mandatory. In Portugal, the VAT rate applied is 23%, except for stills and alquitars with capacities greater than 10 litres, which are considered as agricultural equipment, paying only a rate of 13%.

Companies or entities registered in the European Union are exempt from VAT if they provide a valid VAT number in the VIES system database, veja aqui.

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