Project designation | Increase in the productive capacity of M. Silva, Seabra & Cª, Lda – Technological, Marketing and Organizational Innovation in a context of preservation of secular craft techniques.

Project code | NORTE-02-0853-FEDER-039594

Main purpose | Strengthening the competitiveness of small and medium-sized enterprises

Intervention region | NORTE

Entidade beneficiária | M. SILVA, SEABRA & Cª LDA

Approval date | 23-10-2018

Start date | 01-12-2018

Completion date | 30-06-2021

Total eligible cost | 911.587,13

European Union financial support | 638.110,99


Increase in production capacity, incorporating new equipment into the production process in order to automate processes, while preserving age-old craft techniques that add value to the product.

Adoption of processes under the principles of efficient use of resources and energy efficiency.


  • Construction/remodeling works;
  • Introduction of a new organizational method in business practices;
  • Repositioning the marketing-mix through the creation of an e-commerce channel;
  • Adoption of processes in accordance with principles of energy efficiency, efficient use of resources and sustainability;
  • Innovation and Process and Product through the introduction of productive equipment;
  • Creation of a new range of functional and personalized products;
  • Job creation.

Result Indicators:

  • Relative and absolute variation in Turnover;
  • Relative and absolute variation of VAB;

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