CIP (Clean in Place) – Clean in place system, cleaning your still has never been so easy.

Boilers – Still boilers can be made according to customer needs, choose one of our standard designs or send us your ideas, all boilers can be customized.

Helmet Shape: The shape of the helmet influences the character of your Whiskey, a taller Helmet will produce a lighter Whiskey on the other hand, a shorter head will produce a fuller and more flavorful Whiskey.

Lead Pipe (Lyne Arm) – Diameter and length will determine existing backflow. A larger diameter and longer arm will create more backflow and remove more sulfur compounds from the distillate. On the other hand, the inclination of the barrel will determine whether the reflux will return to the helmet or will pour into the condenser, thus resulting in a lighter or thicker distillate depending on the inclination towards the helmet or condenser respectively.

Stirrer – Stirrers are very useful for stills that distill grain because they help with the heating rate and prevent the beans from burning on the still heating surfaces.

Condensers – All our condensers are built with 99.9% pure copper tubes.

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