Copper Rights Stills w/ Iron Protective Ladder 350L

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  • Plate with 99.96% Copper composition;
  • Phosphorus and Metal Welds;
  • 100% Lead free;
  • Thickness of copper plate thicker;
  • Handcrafted;
  • Hammered by hand, which favors the purity and quality of the distillate;
  • Handmade pipe, with different diameters at the ends.

The construction of this still is made through welded unions that guarantee a perfect sealing of vapors and liquids to distil.
The condensing vessel is equipped with a water inlet pipe located at its base and an outlet pipe at the top so that the water circulates in the opposite direction of the descending vapors.
These models can be used to distill alcoholic beverages, essential oils and others.
The boiler has an iron ladder, whose purpose is to protect it during the discharge process.

This type of still differs from the traditional still in the thickness of the plate used in production, making it a very resistant still.

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Copper Stills - Right with Protective Iron Ladder 350 liters


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